Thursday, September 24, 2009

The epitome of a lady.

Even with my sometimes salty language, I fancy myself a lady.

I have a fabulous pair of pearls I break out on occasion, which were lovingly presented to me from Mommalah on my 30th birthday.

I think men should open doors for me - well, all ladies actually, but you get my drift.

Even if I offer, I think men should pay.
{Let it be known that I offer because I don't know how to handle having a man pay a lot because I've never actually dated any man who even resembled a gentleman.}
{Also let it be known that I do not have that '50s-housewife-take-care-of-me weak mentality, so don't go getting all Women's Lib on me, people. [Even though I daresay I really wouldn't mind having someone take care of me. I am in my 32nd year of being single, you know ...]}

The epitome of a Lady, to me, is Jackie Kennedy Onassis.
I mean just look at her:
jackie Pictures, Images and Photos
The pearls. The resolve. The high-head holding. The grace.
Even when she smoked she was absolutely stunning.
jackie kennedy Pictures, Images and Photos
And look at this picture of her on the day she married Jack.
Jackie Kennedy Pictures, Images and Photos
I should hope and pray to look that gorgeous on my wedding day, should there ever be such a day in my lifetime.

"The first time you marry for love,
the second for money,
and the third for companionship."

Jackie is fashion to me.
The shifts - long, long before Mrs. Obama. The pillbox hats. The pumps. The sunglasses. The Chanel. Oleg Cassini.
Even in casual clothes, the lady was Fashionable.
JACKIE KENNEDY Pictures, Images and Photos

Whenever I find myself in an uncomfortable situation, like if I'm at an event by myself, or at an event where I am Dressed to the Nines, I think of her. How she would stand, hold herself, mingle. What Would Jackie Do?

"I want minimum information
given with maximum politeness."

I remember when I first started learning about her, as I watched the footage and saw the photos in my many Jackie-related books about JFK's funeral, how she carried herself.
JACKIE KENNEDY Pictures, Images and Photos
How, even in the deepest depths of grief, Jackie was still beautiful.
Still graceful.
Still held a grieving country together, because if the widow could stand tall and regal, well, so could the president's people.

She was the closest thing the United States has ever had to royalty - or ever will.
Say what you will about the scoundrel her father was, about the families she married into, about how she might have been "phony" and "snooty" as the First Lady.

You can't say she wasn't a lady.
Maybe the last, honest-to-goodness American Lady.
Jackie Kennedy Pictures, Images and Photos
Jackie Kennedy Pictures, Images and Photos


Christopher Humphries said...

Lady is definitely a frame of mind and how a woman carries herself.

Don't let the dream/ideal/reality of you being beautiful die... it isn't about looks (yet good thing you got them, eh?).


I was raised a southern gentleman (from Shreveport LA) and still open doors for women (even if I don't know them, it's the right thing to do), pay for everything, have proper table manners, cook, clean, dress myself (just stopped carrying much a while ago about looking fancy/nice and opt for tshirt/jeans) and all this. Of course, I've never gone out with a lady that appreciated it, I think. "meh".

I feel uncomfortable having a woman pay anything. I think a man is either raised to have a correct vision of a woman and his role with her, or he is not. All women are princesses right, especially a girlfriend/wife to the man. If a man has this ideal, his actions should reveal it naturally (it can't be faked).

...yet enough about me, this isn't therapy couch! I share/talk too much!

Ramblings on - A blog by Nikki said...

Chris, I love that you share! And I think you could, quite possibly, be the perfect man! :)
(And the last true gentleman!)
I do fancy myself a princess, but w/o all that self-centered BS and it's never been about looks w/ me. I need something/someone that goes much deeper than that - and thanks for saying what you did. You are sweet! :)

Erin in Scranton said...

I'v often wondered if Jackie always had that grace and poise, or if she grew into it because the whole world was watching.

Anonymous said...

high maintenance... her, not you.