Monday, September 7, 2009

This is my OCD blogging.

Mommalah and I headed up to Walmart in Tunkhannock today.
When I need to make a run to Wallyworld, I prefer to hit up this store.
It's a gorgeous little jaunt from the country house, and it's less, well ... less like the one in Wilkes-Barre.
{Let's just leave it at that.}

So we enjoyed cruising in the Bitch pod to the store, and I dug out my miles-long list.

Locating everything went swimmingly. Mommalah was even so kind as to pick up some new fall flowers (fake) to put in my basket on the sidewalk, which she, for some reason, entrusted upon me the task to put them in and make them "like so," incorporating with them the scarecrow figure she picked up for $1.
{She was not pleased, though, that I wanted the scarecrow in the blue faux denim overalls and not the orangey one that would offset said flowers better, but she'll get over it I s'pose.}

Toward the end of my list were the Parcels of the Most Importance: Ivory Liquid Hand Soap and Ivory bodywash.

I scoured each shelf in the respective aisle to no avail.
There was not hide nor hair of my beloved products I've been using for probably the last 20 years.
Panic set in as Mommalah suggested substitutions, even being so kind as to hold up some vanilla-scented monstrosity for my sniffing approval.

"No, no," I said, trying not to sound as panicked as I was, practically getting down on my hands and knees to check the bottom shelf "just in case."

"What about Dial?" my angelic Mommahlah said and I swear on my love of Gerard Butler, my hands felt like they were burning at the thought.

I took a deep breath and tried to calm down.
Then a terrible, horrific and utterly frightening thought entered my mind:
What if they discontinued Ivory Liquid Hand Soap?

My local grocer no longer carries it, and Walmart, my trusty, tried-and-true retailer doesn't have it, what the hell will I and my sensitive skin do if Ivory Liquid Hand Soap is the d-word?
{I cannot even bear to say it again.}

{Anecdote: When my Colgate herbal toothpaste got discontinued a few years back, I was just sick over it for like two weeks. I recently thought Aim was on its way out, so I enlisted Mommalah into picking me up some at her store, and she dropped off three boxes. All three included a trial size, so at least I'm set there for a good long while.}

So we left the store and heading into Tunkhannock for a bit and then drove to Grotto Pizza, and while we had a splendid time, in the back of my head I was seriously worried about the soap situation.

I asked if we could stop at her grocer on the way home because "I could swear they carry my soap."

So we did.
And they did.
They had like eight of them and my OCD whispered to buy all eight of them "just in case," but I bravely just bought two, and the Ivory bodywash I adore as well.

As I beeped goodbye to Mommalah as I left her house, I debated going back to her store to buy just two more soaps, but alas, I did not.

When I got home to put all my parcels away, sure as shit I already had two full Ivory Liquid Soaps in my closet, giving me a total of four.
Crisis averted!
{For now.}

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