Sunday, October 19, 2008


Sometimes you just have to hit the local buffet, which is something I did tonight.
Often the favorite of the old folks (and formerly my very own beloved parents), there are always sights to be seen - I think it's kind of a good glimpse into our society after seeing how people behave at such dining establishments.
Like, for instance, the way they fill their plate like they'll never eat ever again, or picking off said plate while they are still filling it. Ugh.

But the best part about eating there, aside from a fabulous trough of fresh mac & cheese, is just sitting back and watching.
There's the elderly man who can barely walk that tugs on my heart strings. There's the rude people who push you or try to budge in front of you. There's the kids running rampant.

Tonight, there was the cat pee-scented elderly man.
I kinda fell in like with him when he stood behind us in line and said, "Well look at that," all-put out about the long line to pay. He was dressed like your average old man and looked somewhat dapper in his awesome Members Only jacket, something I will never find passe or out of style.

Then I got a scent of him.
The unmistakable scent of his cats wafted from him like the steam rising off that hot and yummy mac & cheese. I couldn't get away from him fast enough. And to think he reminded me a little of Ted Knight!

As fate would have it - and I should have predicted it would - cat man sat right behind us, so we got to enjoy him the entire meal.
That's what I get I guess ...

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