Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh my galoshes!

Given the torrential downpour today, I am super glad that I bought my new pair of black and white polka dot galoshes over the weekend.
Not only did they keep my feet dry and warm all day, but they looked adorable.

Best off all, they fed my insane love of smelling things: These galoshes smell like a tire store, that's how pungent their rubbery scent is.

I smell everything I come in contact with - and I mean everything - but since I got them on Saturday, they've really pushed me to my scent limit. They were so strong at first that I had to put them in the stairwell!

But I got used to their heady odor after a few days and now I find it comforting.
I love that I can literally say "Oh my galoshes!" and not have it not be a lie because I finally, at age 31, have my very first pair of galoshes ... now if only I could find a yellow pair to match my Paddington slicker!
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