Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm ready for AARP Magazine.

I always knew I was born too late.

Some of my favorite music is from my mom's era, like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc, while some is music I know would make her late father, my beloved Pop-Pop, proud: Sinatra, Martin, Darin, Bennett.

Most of my favorite movies are old, and Steve McQueen is my most favorite actor ever.

I love reading classic books by classic authors: Kerouac, Capote and am currently reading "The Portable Dorothy Parker."

So it's completely natural that this old soul in a young(ish) woman would be drawn to my mother's AARP magazine.
I started reading it a few years ago and fell in love with the writing. It's so good, no, it's better than that, it's stellar.

It's a smart read for anyone, especially for someone around my age who has parents in the AARP age bracket. There is so much to learn about what to expect with their aging and I've seen some good financial tips (none of which I follow, which is stupid), and some of their people and area profiles are just great.

Case in point, this month's issue included a story about a New Jersey native, who couldn't wait to get out of the Garden State when he came of age, taking a trek down the coastline to places that I loved going on summer vacations, like Long Beach Island and Atlantic City and rediscovering his roots.

I highly recommend pilfering your parents' copy next month, if they subscribe.
If not, I won't charge you for this great Christmas present idea ...

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