Sunday, October 18, 2009

Always a guest ...

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Yesterday a very dear and beloved friend got married.
She was absolutely gorgeous, and it was so wonderful seeing such a happy couple.

But, my Fellow Longtime Singletons, isn't there just a tiny part of you that kind of dies inside with every wedding you attend?

I've been in two major long-term relationships and neither came close to The Big Day - something I am quite thankful for, believe me.
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They just weren't the right fit for me, I s'pose.
{And honestly, they really weren't worthy.}
{Never mind that I maybe, just maybe, am sometimes too independent ... and maybe, just maybe, too opinionated ... and maybe, just maybe, set in my ways too much for a lot of guys to deal with, and I came to terms with that long, long ago.}

But I truly believe there's a man, a real, decent man out there who's man enough to accept the sometimes bad with the a lot good that's inside this Rambler.
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But that doesn't mean I don't get a little wistful and have a sense of longing for The One sometimes, may Independent Women strike me down.
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But, thankfully, I had the most fabulous date ever - Johnny - and my wistfulness was gone likethat .

We had so much fun - though my feet are killing me (and they want to kill him for keeping me on the dancefloor all night!). I felt pretty fabulous in my pretty party dress and know I've got a lot of wonderful things in my life already.

Now that's love.


Christopher Humphries said...

Awesome that you had a good date!

I think most people are lonely, it's tough. It's also difficult being in an environment where you are surrounded by what you don't have yet want so greatly.

As Lennon and McCartney wrote, we'll get by with a little help from our friends :)

Will be hoping and praying that you get your perfect happiness and not be filled with sadness till you get there!

Donna said...

I know what you mean! I am with ya sister. I would have said, "I feel you're pain," but I am too okay with being me and only me to say that. = ) There is someone out there, but 'til then, we've got school busses and Petty tribute bands. Love ya~