Sunday, November 29, 2009

Time to take the plunge.

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I'm not going to lie to you.
I'll just have out with it.

I have dial up.
Yes, I dared say it.
{And if I could whisper-type, I would.}
Dial up.
I'll say it once more for emphasis.
Dial. Up.

I hate it, but I'm such a miser that I honestly don't want to pay for something better even though I so so SO desperately need it.

I need it to make blogging easier.
I need it to "Get With It."
I need it to keep my sanity in tact.

I'm thinking Comcast high speed, and not just because I adore Bill Slowsky commercials. I just already pay Verizon a pirate's ransom and thought I'd spread my debt around.

What are your thoughts on Comcast??

{Speaking of, whatever happened to Mr. Slowsky? Anyone? Anyone?}
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Christopher Humphries said...

is it possible to even use the net on dialup anymore?

Comcast or Verizon both will be light speeds ahead of what you have. Note that Verizon also has a "complete package" deal, where you get telephone + tv + internet for a very affordable price.

Comcast is faster.

Anonymous said...

I've had Adelphia/Comcast for years, and there's never been a problem. I know several with Verizon DSL, and they're also happy. Christopher is right. Comcast is faster, but Verizon costs less. If you can live with a little less speed, go with Verizon.
(Andy P.)