Monday, February 9, 2009

Air Climbing with 'GMA.'

I've never really been one for news.
Local fires, murders, weather, those fluffy "water skiing squirrel" segments, etc., etc.? No thank you.

I prefer to get my news from the newspaper - I like starting it with my breakfast and finishing it with my dinner. Same grisly content, just easier to take than some anchorwoman in a shoulder-padded fuchsia blazer saying "Everyone has contracted a deadly disease ...more after this break." I love feeling the newsprint in my hand, even love how it sometimes leaves black ink on my fingertips and mon dieu, I adore the smell of our press room. Especially coming in on Mondays when my nose hasn't smelled it in two days. Deliciously addicting.

In a newspaper, all the info you need is right there in the first few paragraphs without the dramatic build up. Ahh, the sweet smell of the inverted pyramid.

But suddenly, after I acquired an Air Climber,

Air Climber Pictures, Images and Photos

I began doing something crazy every morning.
I started tuning in to "Good Morning America."
Doing so also tunes me into some of my local goings on as well - or as "local" as the local news is, since so much of it isn't even from NEPA proper, but I digress.

I feel much more informed - I get some celeb gossip (today's scrim, for example, had the news that Chris Brown beat up Rhianna), news news like fires and whatnot, heartfelt moments like the Hudson plane crash survivors reuniting with the captain and crew - and it isn't really that painful.

Aside from how annoying Diane Sawyer's on-screen movements can be, I really enjoy the show. Sam Champion is an absolute delight and I really enjoy Robin Roberts' personality. It's nice waking up to them, especially since most times being up that early exercising is the last thing I want to be doing, but viewing the show makes my exercise time really fly by.

But know that I'll never tune into one of the hardcore news channels like CNN. My interest in world affairs wanes after about half and hour, just around the time my legs give out ...

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