Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Fourth of July.

Ahh, summer's halfway point.
For the first time in seemingly forever, it hasn't rained yet today here in Northeastern Pa - knock wood!

It's cool and breezy, I'm wearing my hair curly today and one of my landlord's kids is frolicking happily in their pool, making me remember when I was that carefree kid who used to swim all summer long many moons ago.

Soon I'll be heading out to a friend's annual backyard BBQ, where there is a perfect view of the fireworks at Kirby Park. There will be booze, beer, good food and a festive spirit.

If a Rocket Pop found itself somehow involved, I would be super-stoked, or, oh my golly, if I could melt one into vodka!
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Hope you and yours has a safe and happy Fourth!
Let's enjoy the rest of the summer, shall we?

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