Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have been eating healthy all week long.
I walked two miles on both Monday and Tuesday, then did a kick ass 20 minutes of Air Climbing on Sunday and Wednesday - plus did abs all four days.

I feel great, really, really watched what I ate and as a result, I saw the scale go down consistently every day.
{Kindly don't judge me weighing myself daily. It was an experiment, an experiment I say!}

When I craved sugar, I had one of the sugar free chocolate pudding cups I've come to adore with a dollop of Cool Whip in the can.
{It still baffles me that it tastes exactly like Cool Whip in the tub. Magic. Magic!}
Chocolate Pudding Pictures, Images and Photos
Last night, I made myself gosh darn proud.
After dinner with my coworkers, I was mad craving a Dairy Queen Blizzard.
I mean so mad craving I thought I was going to pass out if I didn't have one.
DQ Pictures, Images and Photos
From where we had dinner, there were two DQs within a 5 1/2 minute drive, with my house in the middle.
It was like a Choose Your Own Adventure Book as I drove down South Main Street and around Wilkes-Barre's Public Square. Did I want to:

A.) Go around the Square to the left and head to the Kingston DQ
B.) Go around the Square to the right and head to the Plains DQ
C.) Go straight around the Square and head home????

It was the [at least] 300 calorie question.

I chose C.) and got to the light where I would make the right turn that would take me to my street. But instead of making that right turn, I went left and headed to my local grocer.
{I told you I was having a mad craving.}

Walking up and down the ice cream aisle, I saw cheap half gallons quite like those of the Chocolate Marshmallow Incident that made my craving worsen. I knew I couldn't buy one of them again because it would totally derail the mindset I'm working so hard to set.

I saw the pints Ben & Jerry's I used to eat for dinner practically every night back in high school that I'd never gain an ounce from.

I saw the super-expensive Weight Watchers ice cream I really like but am too much of a miser to buy.

I kept coming back to the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. The bright green mint ones. They looked so, so, SO good, but for $4, I just couldn't do it. It's ice cream for the love of Moses - i c e c r e a m!

But there I was plunking down the dough before driving home as fast as humanly possible.
I got in my jammies, sat at the kitchen table and opened the plastic container of two-points-each-goodness and took my first bite.
Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches Pictures, Images and Photos
It was exquisite.
I savored that chocolaty minty wonder for as long as I could until it dripped down my arm.
{Of course I licked my arm. Waste not, want not and all that jazz.}

I was so proud of myself.
I exorcised the craving demon I've always caved into before.
When I scampered back into the kitchen with the intent to have a second sandwich, I slammed the freezer door shut and loudly said, "No!" - and actually listened for the first time.

I think I finally am making a break with my obsession with food.
And it tastes good.
Like minty goodness that's bad for me.
Except that it isn't!


Melissa said...

I love those mint skinny cows. I've been having Wendy's Cravings, I think because I live upwind from the Dallas one, but I don't even LIKE Wendys! I really like your blog, I think it is my first visit, but I'll check back often, just don't let the railroad people steal your low fat ice cream!

Melissa said...

Are you doing an Ab video, or just your own workout? I need to get back into my Pilates