Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Le Penseur."

I have been feeling very introspective lately.

Which is really hard to juggle with my exhausting schedule right now, but I'm trying to balance it.

I feel like I am on the cusp of something big within myself.
{The not knowing what that is exactly kind of makes me anxious, but I'm doing my best to roll with it.}

Rodin Pictures, Images and Photos
{As I was reading the Wikipedia entry on Rodin, who sculpted "The Thinker," (or "Le Penseur" if you like to pretend you are fluent in French as I sometimes do), I found myself sitting with hand under chin and realized that position really does help you think better. Internal struggles never felt so comfortable! Who knew?!}

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Karla Porter said...


I think this actually might deserve some research. You could line the new River Common walking path along River St. with 100 college and university students in the Le Penseur thinking position for 1/2 hour to all think on the same subject.

An example of a question to ponder would be, "What would a worthy volunteer project all area college and university students could work on collaboratively in 2010".

I would really love to hear the results!