Friday, July 31, 2009

Om ...

Tahiti Pictures, Images and Photos
I continually run at a highly agitated state.

My mind is constantly churning with so much work stuff, life stuff, stuff stuff that it's hard for me to turn it off - even when I make a conscious effort to do so.

I cannot control everything - and I know that - yet I still try to be the be-all and end-all because I try not to half-ass anything I do. It's just not my nature.
tahiti Pictures, Images and Photos
From this moment on, I vow to myself and my chronic insomnia that I will become a duck. That I will let things roll off me like beads of water run right off that waterfowl's back (a duck IS waterfowl, right?).

I will think of these gorgeous Tahitian pictures that I dream to some day see for myself and just be.
tahiti Pictures, Images and Photos
I am what I am.
I do what I can.
I am only myself, I am no one else.

{Wow. That sounds too deep to be just me. Must be working already!}


Christopher Humphries said...

There is something liberating about releasing control and focusing on yourself.

I've gone through the same thing years ago. It's hard to let go, yet you'll be happier and more free.

Us types that think we must control and analyze everything, it's hard to just stop that. Reality is that we can't control everything and it becomes hard to relax, at least for me.

I hope you are able to let go of things and let things slide, and watch them pass. And for sleep... well let me know what you find to get more of it, I'll pay for it! :D

Hope you have an awesome vacation! Maybe that can be the start of dropping things and letting things go, and just enjoying your life and taking from it what you want!

Hrm, seems I'm rambling on your rambling, excuse me maam *bow*.

pixelhazard said...

Oh i wish I had a day off to relax in the sun