Friday, August 7, 2009

No nannys in this childhood.

Against my better judgment, I watched "The Nanny Diaries" after my brother and "sister" retired for the night.

I thought it was so good!

And it made me really thankful to have the parents I did ... and do.

Our parents worked their asses off when we were kids in the horrid restaurant business. They pulled many 16-plus hour days - almost every day - whereas when I have to do one I piss and moan about it or act like I found a cure for feline AIDS or something. Plus. I don't come home to a kid who needs help with homework or a feeding.

The best thing I learned from this movie was that while Laura Linney's Park Ave princess ccouldn't see or be a mother to her kid because of her oodles of "obligations," my own mother - who had a hard job that has taken its toll on her health over the years - was there for absolutely everything for my brother and I. She worked so many Mother's Days and holidays but never once do I ever recall either of us saying "I wish Mom was here."

Because she was. Always.


Anonymous said...


I've known you from before and I found your blog by accident.

Very good to hear you are doing so good and looking so charming and adorable.

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