Monday, August 31, 2009

Don't you just love it ...

... when the stars align?

This is [one of] the horoscopes I get e-mailed to me.
Yes, I know most of it is bunk, but hey, you know you read yours too, even if it's secretly.

I just find is so fitting, especially after yesterday's blog about how I'm deciding things about my life.

Your horoscope for August 31, 2009
You may be looking for some new values in your personal life, Nikki. You are no longer interested superficial or frivolous relationships today. You need to meet different kinds of people and to select those of your friends that are really worth keeping. So don't worry if you feel like taking a step back to get some perspective on things, because this is the time to do it. Relationships are too important to you for you to neglect them.

So dead on I could have blogged about it myself!

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