Saturday, August 15, 2009

How soon until tea?

I long for fall.
I always do - it's my favorite time of year, especially because I absolutely loathe these humid temperatures. I loved the summer weather - or lack thereof - we've had (minus all the monsoon rains of course).

One of the main reasons I'm jonesing for fall isn't just because I look forward to snuggling under a mountain of covers with my windows open as the temperature drops, but because I miss my favorite morning ritual: using my tea kettle.


It looks so forlorn and lonely unused on my retro-colored yellow stove that it kind of breaks my heart. There's just something so calming, so British, so Zen about that kettle whistling for me when I get out of the shower and the first sip of a good strong green tea.

Soon, soon.
(But not soon enough for me.)

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Christopher Humphries said...

Fall is my favorite season.

I can't wait to have long sleeve shirts and hoodies to wear, quilts to sleep with and lack of uncomfortable humidity.

I don't mind the rain. One of these days, I hope there is a nice comfortable place where I can be on a porch and sit outside with it raining. I do like being in the rain too, of course, yet I'm all grown up now and have to pay for ruining things :(

I got switched to loose leaf tea. Adagio teas has a intro package. It's a much clearer and brighter flavor. Such a huge difference and the smell is much more amazing.

Think this year may be the year I wear a scarf for the first time.

Fall will be here soon.