Saturday, January 9, 2010

An angelic dining experience

Last night, the old folks invited me to dinner at Olive Garden because Papa had a gift card from work.
Naturally, I accepted.
{As I would any one who offers to take me to dinner.}

I was interested to see how I would handle my first non-controlled meal of The (New) New Regime, especially at a place that brings delicious bread sticks repeatedly to your table.

It would have been so easy to go with the stuffed chicken Marsala* Mommalah got because it sounded yummy, or the steak and gorgonzola Alfredo** I've had before, but I wanted to behave so I went with the grilled salmon and broccoli.

I had soup as an appetizer and
bread stick.

Not. A. One!

Can you see my halo?
I can!

*A whopping 32 Weight Watcher points!!
**I was afraid to check the points value in fear of heart attack


Melis said...

I wouldn't be able to do it Nikki, Breadsticks are my weakness...well carbs in general. I'm very impressed!

Christopher Humphries said...

Awesome! That is always the hardest part about eating right, going outside your controlled environment. I'm glad you stuck to it.

I've grown to love salmon and broccoli from all the years of eating right (*cough* and obviously not again *cough*).

I do agree. The breadsticks are pretty great. That would be hard to pass up on.

WW does work, I lost a decent amount of lbs when I did it before. I got used to zero point dressing and salad mixes.