Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dog-eared resolutions, and others.

And so another year has come to pass.
2009 was a bitch and a half, but I still thought it was a pretty great year.
I met a lot of amazing people, deepened some relationships - and ended some, interviewed some great people, did some fabulous things and really found out what's important in life:

Enjoying every moment, big or small, happy or sad.

Life is too short to pretend to be happy - you have to be happy.
With yourself, with your choices, with the people you surround yourself with if you ever want to make your pursuit of happiness a reality.

For the first time in all the years I've been journaling my resolutions - if you must know, I've been keeping a journal since 1994 and am currently writing in book No. 20 - I think I've made ones that are finally attainable.

Gone is the lose 25 pounds by the time I'm done writing the resolution list out, gone is the pay off credit cards in the same unattainable time span.

Herewith the official, one-day-old Nikki's 2010 Resolutions:

1. To strive to be kinder, gentler and less stressed, to go with the flow, where the wind takes me, etc, etc ...
2. To be healthier, in food intake and exercise output.
3. To continue squirrelling away savings.
4. To write something every day for me, be it in journal, a haiku or tanka, blog or working on novel(s).
(I might even be so bold as to break out a creative writing book that has prompts for every day of the year!)
5. To keep a better, more organized household.

What do you resolve to do for yourself in 2010?

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Christopher Humphries said...

I hope 2010 is a happy and fulfilling year for you!

Here is my 2010 goals list.