Sunday, January 31, 2010

One month down, a lifetime to go!

Let's take a look back, shall we, to my first Ramblings On for 2010, when I waxed philosophical about the year gone by and made my annual resolution list.

They were as follows:

1. To strive to be kinder, gentler and less stressed, to go with the flow, where the wind takes me, etc, etc ...
2. To be healthier, in food intake and exercise output.
3. To continue squirrelling away savings.
4. To write something every day for me, be it in journal, a haiku or tanka, blog or working on novel(s).
(I might even be so bold as to break out a creative writing book that has prompts for every day of the year!)
5. To keep a better, more organized household.
{Read the full blog here.}

Let's see how I made out on this 31st day of January:

1. I've really detached myself from a lot of things that used to piss me off. That's not to say that I don't still seethe, but instead of lashing out (too much) or binge eating, I exercise. I take a deep breath. I move on.
2. I have never, ever, felt better than I have this past month. Health wise and head wise. I chalk it up to really, really, REALLY sticking to a plan no matter what. My clothes are getting baggy, I look forward to the alarm going off (most) mornings to exercise. I am happy to report that, since starting The (New) New Regime on Sunday, Jan. 3, I've exercised all but four days (Saturdays, because of my schedule at the tanning salon, and I don't mind - see No. 2). I am so immensely proud of that fact.
3. Still squirreling!
4. This is monumental for me: Of January's 31 days, I only missed one day of writing for myself. One day. I would go weeks without writing a poem or working on my novel(s) and days without journaling. It's been cathartic, wonderful and inspirational. I can't believe I didn't do this before.
5. This is getting there ... slowly.

All in all, I am pretty damn happy with myself so far in 2010.
Life is brightening up by the minute, and I find that quite exciting.
I chalk it up to finally getting myself happy with myself.

How are you faring so far?

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