Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dressy thinspiration.

I am obsessed with dresses.

There was a time, long ago, that will hopefully never, ever return, where I was ashamed to wear dresses because I could never find any that made me feel good about myself.

But two years ago, I lost 25 pounds and have been infatuated with dresses ever since.
{Never mind, won't you, that I've been at this plateau weight for about a year and a half. Grr.}

Today I added an adorable purple number to my repertoire. It even comes with a sash, and I do adore sashes.

I feel so classic in them, and I think that's why I love dresses so much: they remind me of that bygone era when women were so elegant they wouldn't be caught in pants.

I always feel so feminine whilst wearing a dress, especially in the summer, and especially since I'm not really a girly-girl. Case in point:
- I've had the same curly hair since fifth grade and only learned how to use a flatiron two years ago.
- This leads to being unable to do any type of styling of my own aside from loose and curly, loose and straight or either of those in a ponytail. I'd give anything to figure out how to do that teased up do that Lauren Conrad of "The Hills" is so fond of, but alas, I was born without the patience/coordination to really learn.
- I cannot pluck my own eyebrows.
- I don't paint my toenails, I merely slap it on haphazardly like a 2-year-old and scrub it off with a loofah in the shower.

Back to the dresses.

I've acquired quite a few sassy finds over the past few weeks and I'm looking at them as my new thinspiration, especially since I go on vacation in 44 days. Yes I'm counting and yes, I have a new diet goal. As per usual.
{Never mind, won't you, that I bought a half-gallon of chocolate marshmallow ice cream last night in a fit of weakness. I vow to throw it out on garbage night. On Tuesday. If it even lasts that long.}

Here is one of my new favorites.

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