Saturday, June 20, 2009

Who'll stop the rain?

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While I normally love the sound, the smell and the whole romanticism of rain - how better to feed the "Tortured Writer" persona, I ask? - June 2009 is really getting to be bullshit.

Question: How many days have been sans sans sunshine so far?
Answer: Too many to count.

Aside from the repeated monsoons of this summer so far, I love how great the weather's been because I do so loathe heat-stroke hot summer weather. I've loved sleeping with my fleece tiger cover since the nights are so comfortably cool.

But it is getting pretty hard to fend off the depression that comes with the territory of multiple dark days.

{I feel like I should take up smoking again as I scribble furiously in my journal like some sort of tragic film-noir heroine.
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Or, at the very least, take a Xanax.}

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