Sunday, June 14, 2009

Goodbye birthday week. Can't wait for our 33rd.

I love my birthday.
Anyone who knows me knows this factoid.
Last night, I had a little "drinks n things" get-together with my posse at the River Grille in Plains to celebrate my 32nd year.

The night consisted of three vodka martinis with dinner, anywhere from 7-10 vodka and 7-Ups and a tequila shot.

{I don't do this often, and being that it was my birthday and all, kindly hush.}

What follows is a verbatim journal entry from this morning, when I was still balls deep in bed spins, vodka breath and without the ability to fully open my eyes.

"I feel EXACTLY as I deserve this morning. Ugh. Threw up 2x last night when Michael dropped me off - have small urge to do it again. Keep having mini dizzy spells and think contacts still in but can't quite tell. Found ring in kitchen. Maybe there's a unicorn in here somewhere, can't be too sure. 10:01 a.m."

At least I had one hell of a Bridget Jones-esque send off for my birthday week, even if I did have to pay for it a little bit.

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