Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy List for Saturday June 13, 2009

10 things that make me happy on this very day:

1. Getting $100 worth of clothes for $53 at JCPenney, thanks to thrifty coupons and a nice salesperson who let me use three of said thrifty coupons.
2. Spending $52 at Old Navy and only having to pay $2 because I had a gift certificate.
3. knowing that I will be with good friends tonight to bring birthday week to a hopefully debauched close.
4. Having three gorgeous dresses to choose from for said debauched close.
5. Getting a surprise phone call from one of my favorite people on earth.
6. Having my headache go away at last.
7. Buying two new pair of flip-flops. A girl can never have enough, despite running seriously out of space for shoe storage.
8. Sirius Hair Nation. DEVIL HORNS!
9. Finally learning how to use chopsticks. Even with rice!
10. Watching/smelling/hearing a storm come in quickly, and leave.
(as of 06.13.09)
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