Friday, June 5, 2009

Off the wagon yet again.

Well, here I am with my tail betwixt my legs again.
Not that I - or anyone for that matter - should be surprised, given my track record.

After a gorging during Sunday Family Dinner, I vowed to make this week THE WEEK.
To do my Air Climber to my utmost capacity, to do yoga/Pilates and eat nothing but healthy food and, most importantly, to lost at least five pounds before my birthday next week.

Instead, I found myself gorging, for absolutely no reason at all.
I got sick with a 24-hour bug on Tuesday and Wednesday, so that took me down for the count. No excuse I know, but just sayin'.

Take today for example:
- breakfast sandwich from Dunkin Donuts - the healthy and delicious egg white one.
- an entire Italian hoagie from Antonio's - always always ALWAYS yummy. (Note: I did not eat the bag of chips for once. Party bonus.)
- A salad with oil and vinegar and just a touch of shredded cheese.
- A Lean Cuisine meal. (4 points worth).

OK - one would think that I negated some of the unhealthy with the healthy and was completely full.

So why, then, did I follow the LC meal up with a bowl of Special K?
Because I'm sadistic, or because I like feeling like a sloth as I lay on the couch and half-concentrate on my book while I'm really thinking about how pathetic I am?

Low point.

I'll bounce back.
"Always look on the bright side of life ..."

[the blogger begins to whistle and bob her head as the screen fades to black]

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