Monday, April 20, 2009

A few haiku from Easter.

Easter Sunday, I took a hike at my "country haus" with camera in tow to shoot Inspiring Woods Photos.
Hoped to see some sort of feral creature, like a chupacabra or something, but sadly, did not.

My slow-ass dial-up takes three years off my life to upload, but I finally got all the photos up.
Here are three so far and their accompanying haiku.
(The third one is amateurish at best, but it kind of grew on me ... just had a horrid thought, what if they're all amateurish and you're all laughing at me?
I will be brave and take the chance. Gulp.)

More to follow anyhow.


No more students learn
in this abandoned kindling
that longs for a marm.


Pumpkins once grew here
orange orbs I could barely lift,
now field lies in wait.


Who calls this nook home?
A nut collector? Hobbit?
I would like me to.

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