Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, after being so damn proud of myself for finally wearing my favorite jeans ever, I have done nothing but pig out.

For example:

- Ate around the clock whilst at my parents for Easter: Huge breakfast. Chocolate (which I gave up for Lent, so I've been trying to resist the urge to binge on the several Cadbury Creme eggs in my cupboard and freezer). Snacks a plenty, namely chips and dip. Dinner consisted of a crab appetizer, a salad and Mom's eggplant parm and minesta, which I actually had to push away half eaten because I was starting to feel sick - but not enough that I couldn't have a slice of the chocolate cake that followed. WTF?
(I get an A for effort because it really was just a small piece, right?)

- Yesterday, got up nice and early and banged out 20 hardcore minutes on the Air Climber and decided to start tracking my food again a la Weight Watchers to get back in the swing of things. Did well all day, until ...

- 10 ranch wings from Andy Gavin's which we as exquisite as you might expect. Plus a mozzarella stick sampler (regular, pizza and buffalo), an ice cold beer and

- A s'mores gelati from Rita's, which was nothing more than marshmallow ice dotted with chocolate chips. Mmm. Can only imagine how many points it was.

Feel even more disgusting than I already did now that all of yesterday's food is right there in black and white.

Think I'll refrain from continuing with today's food list.
It's just so hard for me to be strong when I feel the slightest big stressed or tired or dreary because it's ugly out.

Am determined to get right back track and do the Air Climber tomorrow morning and, damn you, before dinner.
I vow to track.
I vow to be strong.
I vow to be better to myself.

I've come too far to just go hog wild, for lack of a better term.
Help me - How do you push through the temptations?

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