Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thinspiration, or thanks Tiff. Again.

My dear friend Tiffany has become quite the force to be reckoned with.
A former Weekender staff, she is practically my evil twin. The alabaster princess, if you will, to my fake-bake tan.
{Photo taken May 2008 before she moved across the Keystone.}

She was also once my greatest ally in The Land of Fries - we've shared regular cut, crinkly and waffle from one end of Northeastern Pa. to the other, and enjoyed every last crispy one.

She has since moved to Pittsburgh and we are doing a little weight loss challenge with each other. Mostly, the challenge just consists of us supporting each other via e-mail and the occasional frantic "I'm pigging out" phone call (mostly on my end).

She's become quite the inspiration to me - or "thinspiration" as we like to say.
She's running like a freak on the treadmill and looking all sorts of fantastic for her October wedding, and I am so proud of her - and terribly jealous.

I'll do well for a while, and then work will get hectic and I'll get exhausted and stop. It's a well-documented fact that I don't like to exercise as much as I like to eat garbage food. It's also well documented right here in Ramblings on ... (unfortunately that's not enough of a reason to seriously stick with it.)

But today, Tiff really gave it to me and demanded that I give myself new goals to not lose sight of how far I've come these past few months - and I have.

I am posting them here.
I am taping them to my medicine cabinet, to my fridge and just about every where so there will be no hiding from them.

Now through my birthday (June 10):
-- 30 minutes on Air Climber with 15 minutes of the arm bands three times a week - with one of those times using the AC's accompanying DVD I haven't even opened yet.
-- Walk/speed walk/intervals on off days PLUS Windsor Pilates and/or SELF yoga.

So to Tiffany, who is now my greatest ally in the Land of our Future Skinny Bodies, I vow to not have any more "Help me" e-mails or phone calls. I ban fries and chips from my vicinity. Once. And. For. All.

40 days from now I will be thinner. I will be stronger. I will be proud of myself. And I will wear my black sexy dress to my birthday dinner - and all damn summer long until it's too damn big on me!

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