Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sad little umbrella.

Couldn't stop thinking about that twirling umbrella last night.
When I put up my bedroom shades this a.m., I wondered what became of it.

Lo and behold, it came to rest just at the end of my landlord's driveway!
It was almost as if it had been waiting for me to take the picture I so wanted to last night.
It now lays mangled in the street, but I don't have the heart to rescue it. Putting it in the trash seems so much more unpoetic than letting it be a splash of various teals against the concrete street.

I think it would have wanted to go out like a martyr for umbrelladom. I'm comforted knowing I saw it have its last dance in the wind last night. Like we shared something. I can learn a lot from that old accessory.

Broken old umbrella,
no use for you anymore -
who will protect you?


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