Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Moirthday Mom?

I bought my mom a gorgeous Hallmark card for Mother's Day.
It's a soft pinkish hue with burgundy velvet flowers on the outside and exactly what I wanted to express to her on the inside.

Wrapped her presents this morning in gorgeous sage green paper, and sat down to sign this aforementioned Gorgeous Hallmark Card.

Decided to reread it, knowing she was going to just bawl over it (which I discuss here:, an exercise which make me cuss very early on this nice fine sunny Saturday morn.

The card ends:
"If I could give you anything
in return for all you've given me,
it would have to be
the love I hold in my heart always
for you.


(good thing I always back up sappy cards with a funny one. But arrrrgh!)

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