Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where the hell am I?

I pride myself on having a pretty savvy inner compass.

I can bark directions to just about anyone as their First Mate in the Passenger's Seat (just as I learned by watching my beloved Mommalah). I can figure out how to get us out of wrong turns easily and I proudly can find my way around Manhattan as viciously as any NYC cabbie.

So what the hell was I doing getting lost on Thursday, not only on my way to an interview, but also on my way home?

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I got all sorts of confused going up Interstate 81 and saw my exit pass by on the side of the median I should have been on. Ended up going to Jessup by way of Dickson City, Peckville and whatever other town Main Avenue takes you on.

Finally met interviewee at her house - after calling her twice to find out how to get there because I clearly did not write the directions down properly.

Two hours later, I left her house and proceeded up the road the way I could swear was to 81.

Like a desert oasis, 81 never appeared. Instead, I found myself driving with a nearly empty tank of gas. In a torrential downpour. On a desolate country road.

Finally, like a beacon of hope in the wet sheets pounding on the Bitch pod, a stoplight appeared out of nowhere.

In front of me, was the on ramp to Interstate 84 - the exact opposite of where I should be at this time. I looked left and recognized the remains of Joe's Market, where I used to go grocery shopping with my Pop-Pop as a child. I was damn close to Hamlin.

Sighing, and on the verge of tears, the Bitch pod and I trudged through the horrible storm homeward. The rain was terrible to drive in and if I wasn't so exhausted, ravenous and pissed, I would have pulled over to wait it out.

As I neared Campbell's Ledge, it was the weirdest thing: I drove out of the black storm and into the most beautiful sun I'd ever seen. It was like a welcome wagon.

Finally got on 81 South and breathed a sigh of relief.
To my left, just over DeNaple's Junkyard, was the most gorgeous rainbow - a double one in fact. So brilliantly ROYGBIV against the black background I had just left behind. I could see both ends of it - it was exquisite.
{I was almost tempted to stop to take a photo of its glory, but given the day's past incidents, I opted to not get out of my car until I got home, just in case.}

Near the airport was another double rainbow, and I felt like both of them were put there just for me.

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