Friday, May 29, 2009

My self-coined favorite new saying.

After an excruciatingly long Tuesday, May 26 - clocking more than 11 hours - I was slowly fading away from hunger and thirst for a Lionshead.

At 7:30 p.m., I Twittered this verbatim:

"if i dont eat and get a drink by 8 p.m. i am going to kick a unicorn."

I mean no disrespect to unicorns, of course.
Hell, I used to love them - I had a gorgeous painting of one on a piece of driftwood and my bedroom at my parents' still has a unicorn switch plate.

And maybe I do still kinda believe that maybe, just maybe, in some lush forest on this earth, one lies in wait for someone who won't exploit it, but will love and cherish it.
Unicorn Pictures, Images and Photos
Anyway, I just figured someone would get all hot and bothered if I said "kick a baby" or "kill a man" or any other non-mythical animal.

I tried it again yesterday when I was jonesing for some ice cream:

"I would kick a unicorn for Curly Creme right about now."

{Oddly, they both regard food, but that's actually really not so odd for me since all I pretty much think about is food.}

I think "kick a unicorn" is a good catchphrase fit for me.
And if I see a unicorn charging me, I'll certainly know why.

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