Monday, May 18, 2009

Random words.

I love the words:

- Gloaming.
- Tabernacle.
{At my parochial grade school, we had to go to Mass once a week. One one side of the altar, against the wall, was a golden tabernacle and I would stare at it the entire Mass and say "Tabernacle" in my head over and over, relishing the way it rolled in my mouth.}
- Ridiculous.
- Bollocks.
- Retarded.
{Not meant to offend, honest.}
- Sicilian.
- Chockablock.
- Sicilian.
{A shout out to my heritage.}

Naturally being a writer-y kind of girl, I have many, many other words I love (many of them not suitable for print), but this will suffice for now.

- Ciao!

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