Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Accomplishment, but not without tantrum.

Just spent the last two hours scouring my closet.
It started with organizing the sweaters that were falling this way and that, then moved to the crumpled up jeans on the opposite shelf, then turned into a full-blown purge.

One huge garbage bag later, the metal rods are still bowing precariously in the middle, but darned if the closet doesn't look so exquisite I can't stop going in and peeking at it.

(I would give a photo but there's no way to capture the closet in its entirety, so sadly, you won't get to see the glorious essence of its organization. Boo.)

With a closet purging naturally comes an influx of clothes-less hangers.
I have decided said hangers belong to some sort of evil empire.
In trying to untangle them, I hadn't seen myself have a tantrum of that magnitude since driving on Interstate 81 Monday.
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