Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009.

Had a pretty decent day today {knock wood!}.
I am going to give a run down, mostly because I want to give myself the run down to refer to should a crappy day follow ...

- Day started with an an intense 20-minutes of Windsor Pilates. Oh Mari Windsor, let's test that concept again Wednesday, kay?

- Jetted in the Bitch pod (my Ford Focus hatchback) to Scranton in the a.m. for a photo shoot. Blasted Poison and sang along at the top of my lungs entire way. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to my "happy place" band, think after spending a delightful day with Mom yesterday and part of Saturday, I'm regressing back to that carefree kid ... and it's everything I knew it would be.
(For however long it lasts.)

- On same ride, however, nearly had an aneurysm because I am FOREVER perturbed by those people who drive from Wilkes-Barre to Scranton in the passing lane going 30 mph. If I'm lucky. Why didn't the Pod come with some sort of taser device to take care of this blemish on society???? Good Lord.

- Wrote most of the day and got lots done for production day tomorrow, but naturally, 'tis never enough for me. Am such a work horse.

- Came home and did 20 hardcore minutes on Air Climber whilst watching end of "No Reservations" in Tuscany and part of Andrew Zimmern eating various internal animal bits in gross manner. Still, I'd love to hang out with the dirty mouthed (because of his food choices, duh) fella.

- Followed up my nice hot Italian sausage with pasta, broccoli and salad with a nice sugar free rice pudding with cinnamon. I cannot wait for Lent to be over to go back to chocolate. This is longest Lenten season EVER.

- Am now sitting with freezing feet because my apartment likes to rival the Arctic Circle. It's part of its charm.

Well, I'm sick of blogging such boring monotony and my desk is in dire need of organization that it's starting to distract me, but I'd rather watch Mr. Bourdain so off I go, weeeeeeeeee!

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