Thursday, March 19, 2009

Following my stars.

Two of my several horoscope e-mails are dead on today.

Exhibit A:
If you were offered the opportunity to take off on a trip around the world, where you would see wonderful palaces and experience a timeless love affair, would you take it? The total freedom would tempt you, without a doubt. But would it make you entirely happy, dear Gemini? Have you considered the possibility that you can create an environment right here at home that gives you that same sense of freedom?

Exhibit B:
Daily Tarot Reading
There is too much soul-searching going on today for your own good, dear Nikki. The Lovers lead you to cast doubt on everything. If you're single, you're not at all sure that it's an enviable state to be in, and if you're in a couple, you ask yourself if this is really for you. And even worst, the High Priestess does not encourage you to have an open discussion about it. Instead, your lips are sealed and your questions buried inside you - it's no wonder that you feel somewhat under the weather... At work, you're not functioning at full power today. Whatever you're trying to do, the High Priestess and the Hermit slow you down and encourage you to take a break from your relentless onward course. Why? So that you can move forward all the more quickly tomorrow! You need to think hard about your approach and reflect on your working methods and relationships. Don't worry - in the long run you'll gain from this slowing of the pace...

I don't want to read every Gemini I come across, it just happens. I don't really believe in it, but I think it's interesting when some things just align ... along with the stars, as they say.
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Let's talk about Exhibit A, shall we?
I know that leaving ala that train like a vagabond (see two nights ago blog) won't change anything unless I myself change deep, deep inside. I'd just be the same Nikki, just different surroundings.

Exhibit B
I feel like I am exploding internally with all I have going on inside my head, heart. I've been wanting to expunge it, but don't have the correct words to say, so I've been bottling it up. I tend to run at a highly agitated state most of the time and the sore throat and chest/cough I am battling is making me vulnerable. This is not Nikki, no, no, no.

I'm such a textbook Gemini it's sickening.
I can't help but wonder if people are real full-blown Gems, it isn't just just a non-scientific/kinder way of saying "Bi-polar.?"
Bite your tongue - wait, that would mean bite my tongue.
No, let's not do that.

Hope your stars align just so today!

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